Frequently asked questions 

Regarding TreeNut products

Yes. 100% absolutely yes, always and forever 

Storage guidance and expiry information is written on all of our labels. In general, everything should be stored in a cool, dry refrigerator. Once open, we recommend rewrapping the cheese in its original packaging. Please note: if you repackage it in cling wrap or in a sealed container, the cheese will spoil much more quickly.

Nuts: currently all of our products contain nuts!

Gluten: we don't use any gluten-containing ingredients, however we can’t guarantee the absence of trace amounts.

Soy: We use soy lecithin for the ​Salted Butter and organic white rice miso (made from fermented soy beans) for the ​Smoked Cheddar and Camembert.

Yes! We use a synthetic truffle oil flavouring for our ​Truffled Valencay cheese - fear ye not!

The most meltable cheeses are the ​Reaper Jack, Mozzarella Balls, and ​Burrata.

The other cheeses will become very soft and creamy when cooked, but if cooked for too long they will dry and become hard because of the higher protein content, so if cooking with them, we recommend a short cooking time.

It's printed on the label! But feel free to contact us directly if you'd like us to send it directly to you.

Our all-time bestsellers are pretty consistently ​Camembert, ​Smoked Cheddar, and ​Cranberry Chevre.

Each of our products requires a different process, but here is an overview:

All of our cheeses are fermented with vegan lactic cultures, some have flavorings added while others do not, and then they go through a 1-4 week aging process in controlled conditions, during which time other added cultures work their magic, complex flavors naturally develop, and texture becomes firmer. 

Don’t worry! Our Camembert, Valencay, and Gorgonzola cheeses all contain live mould cultures – that’s what creates the incredible flavors and beautiful rinds, and it’s the same moulds that are used traditionally for their dairy counterparts.

Because the cultures are live, they will continue to grow slowly even when stored in the refrigerator, especially if your fridge is a bit warm or humid, or the packaging isn’t sealed tightly. This is perfectly normal and safe to eat!

For the Gorgonzola, safe mould can be white or blue-green; for the Camembert and Valencay, the mould should only ever be white. 

Regarding TreeNut Cheezery

We have a robust local delivery service which is fairly-priced and convenient! Please read the guidance on the ​Shop page for full information.

We work our cheesy magic just South of Ubud, Bali - come by and say hello!

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Not right now, but we may do in the future - feel free to register your interest via our ​contact us form!

We recommend Sayuri Tanaka’s excellent vegan cheese workshops as a great local alternative.

Absolutely! We love a challenge, so if you have any special requests, just Contact Us - we don't bite 

Yes! We do have a small shop front at our cheese-making hub. Feel free to swing by to pick up your order or browse our options! We are also partnered with a variety of shops around Bali, please check our ​​Where to Buy​ page for more info.

You can buy directly from us via our ​Online Shop, or buy from one of our partners – please check our ​Where to Buy page for full details.

Do you have wholesale prices for resellers or business partners?

Yes we do! Please contact us via ​WhatsApp​ or ​email​ with full details about your business and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.